3 Inexpensive Computer Monitors - Deals for Your Budget

inexpensive computer monitors

Most of the companies due to corona are working remotely. To increase their productivity in work most of the employees are buying budget-friendly monitors because those monitors are best suited for working professionals only.

In Budget monitors, you will get a full HD display, and some of them have IPS panel technology which gives better viewing angles and good color production.

Stick with the article until the end we have listed the top 3 Inexpensive computer monitors that best suits the working employees.

We’ve filtered the best monitors with the best computer monitor price and monitor under 2000. These are some of the best budget monitors 2020.

At last, I will give you a bonus tip of What things you should consider before buying a computer. So without getting late let’s get started.

3 Inexpensive Computer Monitors:

Best Inexpensive Computer Monitors 2020
HP VH240a
HP VH240a
  • Built-In speakers
  • 5MS response time
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Cheap IPS Monitors
  • 3 sided frameless design
  • 24 inches of screen


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Best Budget Monitors for Office Use
Asus VE248Q
Asus VE248Q
  • Video intelligence technology
  • 24 Inches of the screen
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Let’s take a deeper look at their specifications so that it would be easier for you to decide which one to buy. Here we go:

1. Bose Surrounded Speakers 700- Bose Computer Speakers

Best Computer Speakers for Music Production

The Bose speakers are beautifully made by keeping the audience in mind which produces theatre-like sound in the comfort of our house.

The Speakers are crafted to improve the audio experience of the listener and it also matches the elegant of the Bose Soundbar 700 giving you premium look.

Setting up the speakers is easy you can do it by eyes shut. It has a wireless receiver for a cinematic experience nothing you have to do just plug the adapters you have to the power source and connect the Bose surround speakers wirelessly to the soundbar and enjoy the music.

You can also use these speakers for SoundTouch 300 soundbar and Bose Soundbar 500.

If you want to upgrade your listening experience more than this try to add Bose Bass Module 700 to this speaker that gives you a theatre-like sound experience at your home.

This product is available in Arctic white, Bose Black that includes OMNI jewel satellite speakers, wireless receivers, Power cords, AC2 Adapters, and 2 pin speaker cables.


1.) Wireless cinematic sounding experience.

2.) To enjoy the music plug the adapters into the power source and simply connect the receivers to the speakers wirelessly.

3.) It is compatible with Bose Soundbar 500, Bose Soundbar 700, and Sound touch 300

4.) The package included with wireless receivers, AC2 adapters, power cords, and two-pin speaker cables. The product weighs 5.06 pounds.

  • Sound is awesome
  • Easy to setup
  • Stylish look
  • The Stand for Speakers are a little bit costly

1. HP VH240a- Best Inexpensive Computer Monitors 2020

best computer monitor brand

HP VH240a is a 23.8 inches screen full HD 1920*1080 pixels resolution monitor with an anti-glare matte finish.

16:9 Aspect ratio gives you enough screen space to work with your projects.

It has 2 million pixels and 16.7 million colors which gives excellent color reproduction.

This monitor works great for the projects which require portrait and landscape mode screen rotation and it has 178 degrees viewing angle for the best viewing experience.

The screen is VESA compatible located backside of the monitor which helps to easily attach the monitor to the wall.

It is Integrated with Built-in speakers which deliver great sound 2 watts per channel.

The monitor has 5MS of response time with overdrive which delivers smoother pictures without any motion Blur problem.

Virtually frameless design ultra-widescreen monitors are best for setting up multi-monitors over a single desk.

90 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees vertical, tilt -5degrees to 30 degrees Ergonomic viewing gives the best quality of images at any angle.

When we talk about connectivity it has VGA and HDMI ports with HDCP support which includes an AC power cord and CD.

This monitor is supported by all types of operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS.

It delivers a fresh rate of 6oHZ which minimizes the input lag and screen tearing, stuttering problems.

In-Plane Switching technology gives high viewing angles, good colors, and crisper pictures.

And due to its very thin design, it works perfectly for setting multiple monitors.

These monitors work great for Home, office, and normal use but it is not good for gaming.

Key Features

1.) Full HD Display anti-glare matte finishing with 23.8 inches of screen

2.) 16:9 Aspect Ratio

3.) Built-In speakers

4.) 5MS response time

6.) 60HZ refresh rate

7.) 4-Way Ergonomic Viewing

8.) Thin Bezel-less frame

9.) VESA Mountable

10.) VGA, HDMI Connectivity options with HDCP support

11.) IPS panel

12.) 16.7 million colors

  • Sound is awesome
  • Easy to setup
  • Stylish look
  • The Stand for Speakers are a little bit costly

2. AOC 24B2XH - Cheap IPS Monitors

inexpensive computer monitors

AOC 24B2XH is a 24inches full HD 1920*1080 pixels resolution monitor with a sleek and stylish design that comes in the black variant.

In-Plane-Switching uses an advanced technology that delivers you extra-wide viewing angles making it easy to view the display from any angle even in pivot mode.

It also provides crisp images with vivid colors, consistent brightness that is best for editing photos, and watching HD movies.

Built-in cable management gives you cleaner look by decluttering the cable and it can also be wall-mounted with the help of VESA compatible mounting holes.

Due to its ultra-slim bezels, the monitor works great for a multi-monitor setup over a single desk.

It has HDMI 1.4 and VGA input ports which deliver sharp images, allows easy connection to most of the computers.

Flicker-free technology reduces frequent flickering of the screen for comfortable viewing and protecting eyes from eye fatigue.

AOC low Blue mode reduces blue light by maintaining the color temperatures giving you the natural color precision of the IPS panel.

It has a 60HZ refresh rate which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering for smoother images.

Key Features

1.) 24 inches of screen with Full HD display

2.) 3 sided frameless design

3.) IPS panel technology gives wide viewing angles, 100 percent sRGB color gamut coverage, rich colors

4.) AOC Blue mode for reducing Blue light waves

5.) Flicker-free technology

6.) VESA compatible

7.) 1*HDMI, 1*VGA connectivity input ports

  • Best for a multi-monitor setup
  • The picture is clear and bright
  • Best for Office use
  • The stem is not removable on VESA

3. Asus VE248Q- Best Budget Monitors for Office Use

inexpensive computer monitors

Asus VE248Q Full HD 1920*1080 pixels resolution Monitor has 24 inches of screen.

Its sleek design boosts reliability and stability which increases your productivity in work.

Splendid video intelligence technology improves the screen’s contrast, brightness, color, and sharpness to deliver excellent viewing.

Using the Onboard monitor menu you can select six video modes of Scenery, Night view, Game, Theatre, sRGB, and standard.

The product is VESA compatible with a detachable base using it we can easily attach the screen to the wall.

Quick 2MS Grey to Grey response time removes the screen problems like traces and ghosting for fluid video playback.

10,000,000:1 Asus smart contrast ratio improves the dynamic contrast of the display.

Video intelligence technology optimizes the quality of the image to brightness, intelligent color, contrast, and sharpness.

When we talk about connectivity it has DVI, HDMI, and Display port hardware interface along with 170 degrees horizontal, 160 degrees vertical high viewing angle which improves visibility of the screen from any side.

The Monitor is compatible with windows7, windows8, windows vista operating systems.

Key Features

1.) 24 Inches of the screen with 1920*1080 pixels of resolution

2.) 10,000,000:1 Asus smart contrast ratio

3.) Video intelligence technology

4.) VESA Mountable

5.) DVI, HDMI, Display connectivity ports

6.) 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical viewing angles

  • 2MS response time eliminates blur in fast-action video games
  • Various Input options
  • VESA Mount
  • Not has good viewing angles

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Computer

First of all, decide whether you want to buy a laptop or desktop PC both of them have some pros and cons.

The laptop is portable you can carry where ever you want but the main issue with the laptop is you cannot upgrade it the way you want before buying itself we have to decide what specs we want according to that we have to buy a laptop.

But it is not the case with desktop PCs after buying it you can upgrade it the way you want and the best thing is it comes at affordable prices. The main issue with desktop pcs is it requires some space and it is not portable.

The second thing is to know your processor in simple terms processor is your computer’s brain which processes the information given to it.

The processor is nothing but the number of cores and the speed is calculated in Gigahertz more cores more speed we get.

If you do multi-tasking then you can go with multiple cores processor otherwise no need to burn cash on that one or two cores processor is more than enough for you.

The third thing is RAM nothing but random access memory that stores real-time processed data.

Most of your computer speed is depends on your processor and RAM.

The more RAM you have more speed you get and it is measured in Gigabytes.

If you have more RAM you can easily do multi-tasking without any lag because it has the capacity to store more data while performing tasks.

Like the memory card, we have on our phone to store data similarly computers have Hard disks to store it.

If you want to have a PC for security cameras where there is no need for peripherals go for more space hard drives because you need more space to save that data in your device.

Otherwise, If you don’t require more applications on your device you can get smaller hard drives that save your money.

Check the ports of your PC if it has a USB port you can easily connect keyboard, mouse, hard drives, etc.

The latest version of USB is USB type C which delivers Gigabytes of bandwidth.

HDMI port gives you good refresh rates and it can be easily connected to your smart TV’s which gives you exceptional visual display and good audio sound when it comes to Operating systems go for which is familiar to you.

Windows Operating system is easy to use it is best for those who are working professionals and don’t have much technical knowledge.

The User base of Windows is more due to the that most of the hacking attacks are performed on windows only.

To protect your system you can use paid anti-virus otherwise you can go with windows defender if you don’t want to burn your money and when there is an update try to update your system.

Linux is a command based Operating system where for every task you have to use a command.

It is best for those who are developers, programmers, and in the future who wants work in database systems because most of the servers are worked using the Linux operating system.

Due to its technicality, most of the users don’t prefer to use it so there are fewer chances of cyber attack and it works freely when compared to other operating systems.

It is a free Operating system you can easily download it from the internet.

If you want a PC for gaming go for high processor machines and try to add a graphics card to it which boosts your gaming experience. Most of the modern games require more space in your PC so try to buy a hard drive with more space.

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