5 Steps on How To Setup Dual Monitors For Gaming

how ro setup dual monitors for gaming

Nowadays dual monitor setup becomes a must for the gamer to improve their Gaming Skills.

In this one, I will guide you through setting up the multi-monitor and in bonus, I will tell you the Advantages and Disadvantages of having a multi-monitor setup. So without getting late let’s get started.

Step by Step Guide on How to Setup Dual Monitors for Gaming:

1.) To set up the dual monitor PC we must need to have a Graphics card because normally the motherboard which we get has only one display port, with that we can only connect one monitor.

On the contrary, if you have an expensive motherboard like ZC70 in that you will get one display port and one HDMI port with the help of that you can connect two gaming monitor 4k.

In some graphics cards you get multiple ports by using it we can easily set up the dual monitor.

2.) Before connecting Monitors, we need to make sure to keep monitors at the proper height so both corners of the monitors should be matched to get a wider look.

Try to buy the monitor of the same company, size, and resolution having similar ports so that we can easily set up it and it to get the best gaming experience.

3.) According to the number of monitors that many cables are required for setting it up. Some Monitors provide cables with it and some do not provide it at that time we need to buy them.

Try to Confirm your Graphic card has enough connections for setting up a dual monitor.

how to setup dual monitors for gaming

If you want to give your games a wider look enable the setting NVIDIAsurround for NVIDIA GPU and also you will get the same settings for  AMD GPU in Radeon settings.

Now let us now discuss how to setup dual monitors for gaming.

1.) Connect your monitor’s with the graphic card using the connecting cables. For example, if you have an HDMI port to both the monitors try to connect it with a graphics card using an HDMI cable.

2.) By doing this the hardware setup is completed now try to switch on your computer.

3.) Install Graphics driver on your PC to get the display on all of the monitors.

The multimonitor setup option is available in both NVIDIA and AMD Graphic cards Driver.

4.) To set up them right click on your desktop monitor and go to the control panel. If you are using NVIDIA GPU there you will get the option of setting up multiple displays.

     Control Panel NVIDIA GPU Multiple Displays Option

Otherwise, you can directly arrange using windows default settings. After arranging it you will get a wider look equal to the ultrawide monitors.

5.) That’s it by applying these simple steps your multimonitor setup is completed and you are ready for gaming.

But make sure to buy the monitors of the same brand and same resolution so that the gaming yours does not get spoiled.

If you want to play competitive multiplayer gaming try to change your refresh rate to 144HZ otherwise 60HZ is more than enough. By changing it will not affect your previous settings.

At last, I want to mention some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a multimonitor setup.


1.) This setup is very helpful for the Gamers and streamers where they can play the game on one monitor for pc and on the other screen they can run live stream and checkout comments.

If you use a single screen it is not possible to do this stuff which impacts your gaming performance too.

2.) And it is also very helpful for the content creators who work with photoshop, Adobe, After effects, Premier pro, or any other professional software where you can manage your projects easily due to its large resolution screen.

In the single monitor, the preview option is very small which indeed affects your workflow.

3.) You can easily do multi-tasking using dual-screen like running multiple applications at the same time and comparing different products while doing online shopping

4.) In Dual monitor setup, you will get a bezel-less 21:9 Aspect ratio.


1.) If you are playing games like Apex legend using fullscreen with an ultrawide view you will get display bezels at the center of the screen which affects your gaming experience badly.