How Much Is a Gaming Monitor? - Every Hardcore Gamer Must Know

how much is a gaming monitor

E-Gaming is a new era of gaming like twenty-twenty, FIFA in upcoming years we are going to see a big premier league of E-Games on our television.

Now virtual reality games becoming a trend, Do you know more than 60% of gaming revenue is generated by Chinese people.

So the point is the people who have a great talent in electronic gaming will have a great future ahead. If you want to give me an example who have succeeded in it.

Let me tell you an American teenager named Kyle Giersdorf has won 3 million dollars in New York by playing in a tournament for the most popular online PC game Fortnite.

So to excel in that we need to have the best monitor specially made for gaming. But the problem is everyone’s budget is different so to help you in that we have come to you with a well-researched article of How Much Is a Gaming Monitor?

How much is Gaming Monitor?

Basically in this article, we have divided the content into two categories according to the budget, in each category we will discuss what features you will get in that Budget. 

1.) Budget Gaming (200$-500$)

2.) Competitive Gaming and Streamers (700$- above)

Lets Deep dive in check them.

how much is a gaming monitor

1) Budget Gaming (200$-500$)

This category is for the people who don’t want to invest more in gaming just want to play games when they get free time.

In this category, we will see the monitors under budget 200$-500$ and the features you will get in that budget.

When we talk about screen inches we will get around 22- 30 inches screen with windows 10 compatibility and full HD screen resolution.

Some of the monitors have a VESA mountable facility that makes it easy to attach the monitor to the wall.

These monitors have decent refresh rates of 60HZ to 75HZ and some of them have the refresh rates of 144HZ giving you the best gaming experience without any lag. And 1MS – 5MS response time gives you a fast screen response.

The blue light shift mode helps you to keep your eyes safe from harmful blue rays emitted by the screen.

Most of the monitors have HDMI, VGA, DP ports input/output connectivity options that help you to connect multiple devices to the screen.

And some of them have external speakers that give the user decent sound don’t expect more than that.

AMD free sync technology gives you smooth gameplay without any screen tearing, screen stuttering which gives you good refresh rates and response time. And they have G-sync compatibility.

Anti-flicker technology reduces eye fatigue by minimizing the screen flickering and prevents blacklight that enhances your gameplay experience without any disturbances of the screen.

When it comes to panel technology most of them do not have any panel technology and some of them have TN means twisted nematic panels that handle higher refresh rates with the lowest input lag around 1MS and few have IPS panel technology that improves the drawbacks of TN panel delivering top-notch viewing angles, clear color reproduction.

And the last thing its Black stabilizer improves the brightness in darker areas helping the gamers to see it.

2) Competitive Gaming and Streamers (500$-1000$)

In this budget, you will get the best gaming monitor that is well structured for gaming. In this one, you will get the best screen size with the best features.

For example, BenQ monitors one of the best company that develops gaming monitors by keeping the interests of the gamers in mind, has the refresh rates around 144HZ that gives smooth gaming experience without any lag.

Most of the gaming monitors under this budget have TN, IPS, VA  panels that give fast refresh rates, low response time, Good color production, required screen brightness, etc.

These monitors come with WQHD, QHD display and screen resolution vary from price to price but most of them are 4K resolution monitors giving you good viewing experience.

When we talk about screen inches you will get a 27-35 inch screen which is sufficient for playing E-sports.

They have rich vibrant colors with V-Sync and G-sync compatibility. The best part is that these monitors have NVIDIA free sync technology that eliminates screen tearing removes stuttering for a smooth gaming experience.

Because the high budget monitors are for the people who spend more hours before the monitors they have eye care technology that protects the eyes of the gamer by enabling low blue light mode that protects from radiations.

Most of them give a refresh rate of 144HZ and some of them exceed that point and gives a refresh rate of 165HZ-170HZ.

They have extremely low motion blur sync technology that eliminates ghosting from the screen helping you for best gaming. And they have the best response time of 1MS giving you an optimum response.

These monitors have Ergonomic Design with wide adjustment options like swivel, tilt, pivot, height adjustments, for your ideal viewing position and it has VESA compatible technology for easy wall mounting.

When it comes to connectivity most of them have USB type C, HDMI version 2.0, DVI giving you a wide range of connectivity options.

The companies which make the best PCs for competitive gamers are Acer, LG, and how we can forget BenQ monitors they are one of the best companies that produce gaming monitors with top-notch features.

At last, I want to give you a bonus tip on How to improve your computer Gaming Performance!

How to improve the Gaming performance of PC

Some of the indications of poor gaming performance are choppy gameplay, frame rates are slow, twisted audio playback, etc.

So to remove these problems first of all check your computer components because sometimes the games which you are playing does not match the performance level of your computer.

The reason for this is the games’ analyses the performance level of your computer and tries to match it, if it doesn’t happen the game will crash.

And second thing check hard disk errors because sometimes there could be some hard drive errors that crash the game.

Try to update your video adapter drivers by contacting the manufacture of that and try to install the latest version of it. And also try to update your Graphics Card to boost your FPS.