3 Cheapest G-Sync Monitor - That Suits You the Best

cheapest g-sync monitor

Hey Everyone, in this article let us see what are the Top 3 Cheapest G-Sync Monitor available in the market.

Before going into that I want to give you short information about G-Sync and its features so that you can choose the best of the given monitors.

G-Sync technology is developed by Nvidia company for removing the Screen tearing and also there was a need to alternate software like V-Sync. 

It is to enhance the gaming experience for a gamer lover.

G-Sync is a closed-source software with adaptive sync technology, it eliminates the screen tearing by adapting the refresh rate of the video display and frame rate of the output device like Graphics card or integrated Graphics.

NVIDIA G-Sync is only compatible with the devices which have NVIDIA Graphic card compatibility. 

Mainly there are three types of G_Sync they are G-Sync, G-Sync Ultimate, G-Sync compatible. 

It has variable refresh rates means it can sync with the refresh rate of the screen to the frame rates of the systems NVIDIA Graphics card.

Requirements of the System  and GPU:

1.) To use the G-Sync feature it must have Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 TI boost GPU or more than that also enough

2.) R340.52 or higher driver is required

3.) It supports on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Linux

4.) The system should support Displayport 1.2 directly from GPU

Now lets Dive into the topic and check the best G-Sync monitors

3 Cheapest G-Sync Monitor

Best G-Sync Monitor
GigaByte G27Q
GigaByte G27Q

Screen Size : 27 inches

Refresh Rate : 165 Hz

Response Time : 1 ms

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Cheapest G-Sync monitor
Asus VG278QR
Asus VG278QR

Screen Size : 27 inches

Refresh Rate : 165 Hz

Response Time : 0.5 ms

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Best Refresh Rate
LG 27GL650F UltraGear
LG 27GL650F UltraGear

Screen Size : 27 inches

Refresh Rate : 144 Hz

Response Time : 1 ms

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Let’s take a deeper look at their specifications so that it would be easier for you to decide which one to buy. Here we go:

1. GigaByte G27Q- Best G-Sync Monitor

cheapest g- sync monitor

In our first list, we have a GigaByte QHD wide Gaming Monitor of a 27-inch screen that has LED display technology.

The Monitor comes with VA panel technology which has 1500R screen curvature gives you an immersive gaming experience.

The display has a wide viewing area of Horizontal 596.74 (mm) and vertical 335.66(mm) that comes with a Non-glare display surface.

Its 92% DCI-P3 and 120% of sRGB color Gamut HDR-ready produces you the real-life colors on the screen for ultimate viewing experience.

The Flicker-free technology reduces the frequent flickering of the screen and its 1 ms response time provides you faster responses for playing Action and Adventure Games without any Screen lag.

AMD free sync premium pro-technology removes the screen tearing and stuttering for smoother gameplay. The screen is VESA mount compatible means we can easily attach the monitor to the wall.

GigaByte provides you with additional features like OSD sidekick, GigaByte Auto-update, and has Ergonomic Design with Height and Tilt adjustment options. It has a screen resolution of 2560*1440 pixels.

165 Hz Refresh rate gives you crisp, action, and responsive gameplay without any screen artifact or tearing.

Low Blue light technology protects our eyes by reducing the blue light rays emitted from the device which helps us to work for a longer duration.

When we talk about connectivity it has One Display port 1.4, two HDMI 2.0, and two USB 3.0 ports with  2W of speakers on both sides of the screen which produces decent sound.

Features of  the product

1.) 165HZ of refresh rate with 1MS response time

2.) AMD free sync technology for reducing screen tearing and stuttering

3.) 1500R Screen Curvature

4.) Flicker-free technology

5.) High Dynamic Range with 92% DCI-P3/120% sRGB

6.) Tilt and height adjustment options

  • Gives best Refresh Rates
  • A good resolution for photography and designing
  • UI is well designed
  • Speakers are not good

2. Asus VG278QR- Cheapest G-Sync monitor

cheapest g- sync monitor

The AsusVG27QR  Gaming monitor has full HD resolution 1080 pixels with 27 inches of screen.

The ultra-fast response time of 0.5MS designed to play fast-paced games which give faster responses compared to other monitors.

165HZ of refresh rate eliminates the screen tearing and stuttering giving you super-smooth gameplay. 

Adaptive freesync technology removes the choppy frame rate giving you lag-free gameplay.

Extreme Low Motion Blur Technology (ELMB) the special feature of ASUS delivers sharper pictures when the objects are in motion giving you a responsive gaming experience.

Asus Game fast input technology additionally reduces the input lag providing you fast motion delivery that will help you while playing action games giving you quick responses.

Game plus technology has pre-set display modes improve the gaming experience where the user can adjust visuals for different categories of games.

The monitor is specially designed for playing long marathon gaming periods. It has tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustment options for you to adjust the monitor to get an ideal viewing position.

Flicker-free technology minimizes the flickering to get undisturbed gaming visuals. It also helps you to reduce eye strain and other eye-related problems when you are working for longer durations.

Low Blue light technology eliminates the Blue light emitted from the screen.

Features of the product

1.) G-Sync compatible Technology

2.) Extreme low blur technology for reducing Ghosting

3.) Asus Eye care technology for reducing eye fatigue

4.) HDMI, Display port, Dual-link DVI-D connectivity options

5.) Stereo 2W Speakers of both sides of the monitor

6.) 0.5MS of fast response time and 165HZ of refresh rate

  • Great colors
  • Fastest G2G responses
  • Best for competitive gaming
  • Display settings are unpleasant

3. LG 27GL650F UltraGear- Best Refresh Rate

cheapest g- sync monitor
LG 27GL650F is a full HD UltraGear monitor with a screen inch of 27 which comes in a black variant.

The monitor comes with in-plane switching technology which reduces the twisted nematic field effect and it has a screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels.

Radeon freesync technology gives you smooth tear-free images without any video playback and broken frames for a clear gaming experience.

144 Hz of refresh rate with 1 ms of motion blur reduction reduces ghosting and blurring delivering you smooth action games.

99% of sRGB coverage gives a wide range of the color spectrum. It gives accurate colors according to the task we are performing on the computer whether it is gaming, editing, or anything else.

And also the monitor supports the HDR10 for wide color reproduction while playing games.

The screen has Tilt, Height, and Pivot adjustment options on the stand for comfortable viewing.

When it comes to connectivity the monitor is provided with an HDMI Hardware interface.

Features of  the product

1.) Full HD display with 1920*1080 pixels of resolution

2.) IPS panel technology

3.) HDR10 compatible

4.) Radeon freesync technology

5.) 144HZ of refresh rate with 1MS of response time

6.) 3 sided virtually borderless monitor

  • G-Sync and high refresh rates are good for the first-person shooter
  • Great colors
  • Easy installation
  • Screen resolution is not enough

AMD Freesync VS NVIDIA G-Sync:

So in conclusion to get more clarity I want to differentiate between AMD freesync and NVIDIA G-Sync

Nowadays NVIDIA or AMD graphics card both has G-Sync and freesync support. 

Both the technologies have the same features it only differs in system compatibility

NVIDIA has first released its G-sync technology to the market supported by Acer, AOC, and Asus brand monitors. 

But it has a slight drawback that is to use this technology it should have G-sync specific hardware which costs expensive around 100-300$. 

In order to run G-sync monitors requires a proprietary NVIDIA G-sync scalar module. G-sync monitors have a similar on-screen menu and options to control the screen. 

G-Sync monitors give you low input lag which is best for action and adventurous games. 

Freesync technology of AMD uses Adaptive sync which is inbuilt in the display port 1.2a. Because it is a part of the display port the monitors with a display port have compatibility to use freesync.  It also works with HDMI 1.4. 

Most of the budget monitors have freesync technology which gives 60HZ or more than that refresh rates. 

Then which one is the best?? in my opinion, both are the best because both have similar features. According to the additional feature you require like refresh rate, brightness, resolution that can be handled by your graphics card, etc choose that technology monitor. 

The best part of the above three monitors is they have Top-notch features for gaming, designing, and photography that come at the cheapest price.

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