8 Best PSP Games- For Enthusiastic Gamers

best psp games

Play Station Portable which was released in 2004 in Japan and later in 2005 it was released in America has brought a major change in the gaming industry which competed with Nintendo DS.

It was the seventh generation gaming console of Sony computer Electronics that sold over 80 million pieces.

In Best PSP Games, one of my favorite games is God of War which I played till my eyes get Red and who can forget GTA one of the most popular games played by a huge audience till now, also the first game I heard about Gaming consoles is GTA.

To run these, one must have a laptop, or computer with the best configurations, so that there will no technical interruptions while gaming.

In this one, I want to share with you my top picks of the Best PSP Games available in the market. The list is pretty interesting so stick with the list. Without beating around the bush lets get started and check the games.

8 Best PSP Games

Best Action Game
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

WIFI enabled

Six Extreme Battles

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Latest PSP games
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy

Timeless classic RPG

Suitable for 10+

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Best Hack and Slash Game
Crash of Titans - Xbox 360
Crash of Titans - Xbox 360

15 different unique enemies

Acrobatic fighting system

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Best Car Racing Game
Midnight Club: LA Remix
Midnight Club: LA Remix

Minimum loading time

Quick races

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Best Games for PSP 2020
PSP Starter 2 Game Bundle
PSP Starter 2 Game Bundle

Kart race video game



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Best Role-playing game
WB Games Lego Harry Potter
WB Games Lego Harry Potter

Sixteen lessons in Hogwarts with 24 story events

Ad-Hoc wireless 2-player support



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1. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes- Best Action Game

best psp games

In our list, at first, we have Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes. It is an action game in the best PSP games. This game is based on the Naruto universe which is the most popular show created in japan by Masashi Kishimoto.

It is the first WIFI enabled action-packed game that has both single-player and multiplayer teams for intense fighting. By using the feature you can create your squad of ninja team from the vast universe of Naruto where you can wage a war against your friends.

Via Ad-Hoc connection you can trade your player profile and there is an option to create the custom ninja of your likable character in the game.

As you have seen in the cartoon of Naruto we can form our favorite fighting team and start playing.

In this game, there are 8 mesmerizing stages or levels with 20 playable characters. You can shoot up your ninja ranks to become Ultimate Hokage.


1.) The features you will get in this game are as I said WIFI enabled gaming experience, 8 stages with 20 playable characters, and seven ninja ranks.

2.) There are six types of extreme battles like one vs one, one vs two, two vs two, one vs three, two vs three, three vs three with the multiplayer and single-player mode of fighting.

  • WIFI capability
  • Interactive levels
  • After some days of playing it becomes repetitive

2. Final Fantasy- Latest PSP games

best psp games

Final Fantasy is an interactive story mode game. This one has a series of games which are linked with each other in the story.

When we talk about the plot the story begins with 4 young warriors each one of them possessed to gather crystal for bringing back the world to its friendly elemental balance.

In the course of their journey, they discovered an evil being that has created a disorder in the time to take control over the world, which caused heroes to travel places that they haven’t imagined.


1.) This is the latest PSP games anniversary edition with all new characters art that has a 16:9 widescreen.

2.) And its updated camera view gives a player a good standpoint like a timeless classic RPG. The people aged 10+ can play the game.

3.) The product is manufactured by Square Enix which has a product dimension of  7*4.25*0.5  with 4 ounces weight.

  • Improved Graphics
  • Music is amazing
  • Good Gameplay
  • No challenging levels

3. Crash of Titans- Xbox 360- Best Hack and Slash Game

best psp games

Crash of Titans is a Hack and slash game developed by Radical Entertainment for Xbox 360, Play Station2, Play Station Portable designed by Joe McGinn.

It becomes the first game in the Crash Bandicoot series to not released in Japan.

Crash of the Titans is the sixth game in the main franchise and the fourteenth issue in the Crash Bandicoot game series.

The Plot of the game revolves around the discovery of a substance called “MOJO”  for which the main villains of the game Doctor Neo Cortex and his Niece Nina planned to use the residents of WUMPA island by turning them into an army loyal mutants called as “Titans”.

The Protagonist of the game named Crash Bandicoot tries to stop antagonist Neocortex and Nina from using the technique named “jacking” this is used to take control over titans and destroys them while collecting mojos.

And another mission of the game is to rescue his sister “COCO” kidnapped by Neo and threatens her to construct a Doomsday robot to conquer the world which instructs Titans to follow the orders of him and Nina.

The interesting fact about this game is it was nominated for 3 awards even when it got mixed responses when it was released in console versions.

The main mission of the game is to rescue his sister and protect his Hometown Wumpa island from the crunches of the antagonist’s robot.

The first goal of the player to save mask AKU AKU which gives some basic level instructions and shields to protect him from enemy attacks and changes him to a skateboard for crossing slippery terrain.

After that from each episode, it asks the player to complete the level or episode by fighting with the bunch of enemies.

Each episode leads to a portal where the player must complete the tasks that require defeating the enemies, collecting MOJO specified by the game, and sniping the targets of the enemy’s animal attack.

According to his performance after each level, he gets a rank of a Gold voodoo doll, Silver, or Bronze. It can be improved by smashing three robotic toilets, defeating minions, impose serial hits in combat. In an episode, if you want to get a gold voodoo doll three of the tasks must be completed successfully.


1.) In this game, 15 different unique enemies include Racicle, Scorporilla, and Shellephant with multiple playable weapons.

2.) We can use the monsters’ special capabilities like strike with earth-shaking attacks, breathe fire.

3.) And there is an option to use a weapon of one enemy to blow away others.

4.) It has a new combat move for the crash. This is the first time crash has an Acrobatic fighting system that has flying kicks, punches with multiple attacks, and special counter moves.

5.) You can get your friend at any point to join in and play as Carbon-Crash to unleash the chaos.

6.) Carbon Crash can even Crash and vice-versa.

  • Great Graphics
  • Precise storyline
  • Control over the player
  • Does not offer much like the old crash game

4. Midnight Club: LA Remix- Best Car Racing Game

best psp games

Midnight Club is a Car Racing Game issued by Rockstar Games and developed by Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar London. LA Remix is the fourth volume released in the midnight club franchise.

It is one of the underrated PSP games.

When we talk about the concept of the game it is set around the roads of  Los Angeles where the cars can roam freely which is wider than the three cities linked from the previous game.

The game has 24 hours Day-Night cycle, weather issues, and full of traffic along with licensed vehicles.

The upgraded weather system changes the gameplay and makes the vehicle to slide on the surfaces.

By using the “Quick Fix” option if any damage happens to the vehicle there is no need to move the vehicle to the Garage instead of that he can use the option that automatically repairs and replaces the old parts.

It has In-Game photo mode, customizable exotics, convertible cars, customizable interiors, etc. tournaments, freeway races, series races, etc are some of the game modes in the game.

To earn extra rep the player has to race with an opponent to earn an extra rep. Rep is nothing but to measure the skills of a player.

There are four levels in the game Easiest, medium, hard, and hardest. These levels are color-coded with yellow as a medium, green as the easiest, orange as hard, and red as hardest. 

The multiplayer online play can support 16 players at a time.


1.) Improved for handling portable gameplay that has minimum loading time and quick races.

2.) Included with an extra map of Tokyo city, has its unique races.

3.) Local ad-hoc WIFI can be used for multiplayer racing up to four players.

4.) Open-ended mission and reputation points are the career mode of this game.

5.) The Los Angeles map has streets, different weather patterns, real landmarks, three variable times of the day.

  • A lot of cars
  • Good Graphics
  • Nice Gameplay
  • There is no option to customize cars.

5. Take 2 GTA: Vice City Stories platinum- Best Crime Game

best psp games

Grand Theft Auto the game which we used to play in our childhood is developed in partnership with Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds and released by Rockstar Games.

The Game is a prequel to the 1984 GTA vice city because it is a prequel the story features the same characters of the previous vice city leaving Victor and Lance.

It is an Action-Adventure game set up in open-world surroundings played by the third-person perspective.

The main concept of the gameplay has elements to shoot a third person, driving, large environment to move around.

The player’s character in the game can walk, run, swim, jump, and his capable of using weapons and hand to hand combat.

And the player can drive a variety number of vehicles that include planes, boats, airplanes, jet skies, helicopters, motorcycles.

The player has the freedom to choose an open and non-linear environment as he wishes to play it.

The Game has multiple missions to play that should be completed by the player and unlocks areas and content. If you do not want to play the missions you can freely roam around the city.

The new mission added in the game is “Beach Patrol” where our main lead Victor has to deal with bikers on the beach by shooting them to knock off from their bikes or else taking doctors to the beach for treating injured people.


1.) Vice City Stories has a multiplayer mode up to 6 players using Ad-Hoc WIFI

2.) The game features 10 unique modes of wireless multiplayer gaming.

  • New Animations
  • Faster loading time
  • Long draw distance
  • Same as the Previous Vice City Game

6. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars-Best Crime Game with added Features

best psp games

GTA Chinatown Wars is an Action-Adventure video game created by Rockstar North and issued by Rockstar Games in association with Rockstar North.

In the Grand Theft Auto series, it is the thirteenth and fourth for handheld consoles.

The story revolves around the Triad Huang Lee who is in search of a valuable thing that belonged to his family for several generations robbed by some criminals.

He starts getting involved in Liberty Citys Triads and finds the truth about his father’s murder.

The game went through the controversy for a small element in the game where a character can buy drugs from the supplier and sell it to the dealers for making money.

It is an Open World Environment Game that partially resembling the previous game. the player can stop as many police cars as he wants without leaving the wanted zone, more cars more number of police to handle.

There is a plot of drug dealing where the player has sell drugs in the town to make money like acid, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, etc.

To escape from get caught while making drug dealing there is an option to destroy a CCTV camera by throwing Granade or Molotov cocktail.

Like previous GTA games, the facility to steal a moving vehicle similar to that it has a system for stealing parked vehicles.

In this game, 70+ missions can be played after the completion also. Leaving missions it also has safe cracking, car hot-wiring mini-games, and various weapons & items hidden throughout the game to boost up players’ skills.

After a certain level of experience, the player can choose members from their gang for crime by tattooing the mark on him.

The cars have GPS functionality according to the available roadways directions seen in the below of the screen as part of the PDA interface in the game.

Five in-game radio stations while gaming helps to use their weapons while driving the car. PDA options give management tools for growing empire, internet access, switching weapons, circulating available cash, in-game email, etc.


1.) You can play with your friends using PSP’s WIFI helps to take your game online.

2.) Utilize Superior Audio and Video upgrade which boosts graphics and sound quality.

3.) Over 70+ story missions with additional mini-games.

4.) 80+ drug dealers and suppliers.

5.) PDA interface for order weapons online, contact via emails, etc.

  • Touch Screen
  • Drug Dealing
  • Guns and Stunts
  • Not good for kids

7. PSP Starter 2 Game Bundle- Best Games for PSP 2020


best psp gamesThis PSP Starter pack is of two games one is ModNation Racers and another one is Motorstorm: Arctic Edge. For holding up to 8 UMD games the package comes with a UMD case.

When we talk about the first game ModNation Racers it is a kart race video game developed in 2010 by United Front Games for PS3 and Playstation portable.

The whole game revolves around the player named Tagger who lives with his mother and runs a family paint shop business for survival. In simple the story is all about how Tagger wins the MRC Grand tour becoming the new champion.

When it comes to Gameplay to fill the speed booster players need to accelerate and drift successfully. There is a shield to protect from the attacks and side swapping from other players.

The multi-tiered thermometer allows the player to increase their speed of kart by activating a turbo boost.

There is an option to collect weapons in the game like missiles, sonic attacks, lightning strikes, etc which can be upgraded up to three levels.

The sonic attack creates a chain of rings that revolves around the opponent nearby and knocks him off.

The game also has a single-player mode that features the story by professional Hollywood writers which is the best part of the game.

ModSpot is an area where players meet and have an online race, quick race, Story mode, split-screen, Creation content, etc. And also players can text, send voice messages or gestures.

The game in our second list is MotorStorm: Arctic Edge released in 2009, it is a spin-off of the MotorStorm series video games created by Bigbig Studios and issued by Sony Computer Entertainment for PS2, Portable PlayStation.

The previous games are located in desert areas and islands, this game relocates it to Alaska which exists on the edge of the Arctic circle.

Vehicles in this game can cool down the boost by driving on snow or waterfalls. It has environmental risk, destructible environments, and Nitrous Boosts.

The new challenges in the game included are Avalanches which triggered when a vehicle explodes or blowing vehicles horn creating the snow to roll down that strikes away the player and the opponents.

Icy bridges are dangerous for heavy vehicles causing them to break but it is helpful for small vehicles.

The PSP version of this game has Custom Soundtracks, Photo Mode, Online Game with six multiplayer options.


1.) The starter pack has two Games with a UMD case holder.

  • UMD case holder
  • Story
  • Sound Tracks
  • Graphics need to be somewhat improved

8. WB Games Lego Harry Potter- Best Role-playing game

best psp games

Lego Harry Potter is an Action-Adventure Game on Lego Theme issued by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and developed by Traveller’s Tales.

This game is based on the Lego Harry Potter series and the final three books and four films in the harry potter series they are Harry Potter and the half-blood prince, Harry potter and order of the phoenix, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  part1 and Harry Potter and deathly Hallows part2.

The game has received a positive response from the reviewers, especially for its humor.

This game follows the gameplay of previous harry potter games adapted from three books and four films with a wide range of new characters, items, and locations.

You can use charms and spells that include unforgivable curses to defeat Voldemorts death eaters.

There are over 80 characters that include Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback, Professor Horace.

Using drop-in/dropout cooperative play you can play with your friends and family which features dynamic split-screen.

There are sixteen lessons in Hogwarts with 24 story events and master dueling skills to defeat Voldemorts Death Eaters.

You can use ad-Hoc wireless 2-player support to play with your friends and family members.


1.) Ad-Hoc wireless for two-player support

2.) 80 characters to play

3.) Different charms to use

  • Value for price
  • Good Graphics
  • Steady Gameplay
  • The game is more based on movies rather than Books


Before ending this article I want to share with you some interesting facts and history of the play station portable that will mesmerize you.

The PSP was first launched and made in japan on December 12 2004 by Sony Computer Entertainment. Play Station Portable is the sony’s first gaming console that is handheld.

PSP can able to play video games with music and pictures. For transferring the videos, pictures, and music from a computer we need a USB cable.

The PSP supports more than 700 games included with movies. The interesting fact about this PSP is Spiderman2 movie was added free for this console.

Because of its large amount of space using Universal Media Disc which holds 1.8GB space more than a CD that’s why it supports the movies.

There are five versions of PSP available in the market they are:

1.) The PSP 2000 which is lightweight, slim

2.) PSP 1000 also referred to  PSP Fat

3.) PSP 3000 with a built-in microphone light and bright

4.) PSP Go that has a sliding screen, a Bluetooth, UMD drive with the built-in internal storage of 16GB

5.) PSP E 1000 which has WIFI and microphone. Features are almost similar to PSP 3000

6.) Recently Sony has released the latest version of PSP called Play Station Vita released on February 22, 2012

Puzzle Bobble pocket is the first smallest game released on PSP via UMB which uses only 8.5 MBPS speed.