Top 3 Best Monitor for Xbox One X

Best Monitor for Xbox One X

The boom of PC gaming started in the era of 1983 from that period to now it has become a 94 billion dollar industry for digital games which occupies 87% of the global market.

According to the reports of the Newzoo PC Gaming sector stands in the third position across all other sectors.

In 2018 the Global console game market was valued at about 26.8 billion dollars.

Do you know most of the gamers in America more than 40% are women?. And every day 25 games are releasing on stream which means gamers have a wide range of options to choose from.

There are 2.7 billion gamers around the world who stick to their monitors and enjoy gaming.

Lots of companies want to increase their sales by attracting those people on providing necessary features.

So to save your time we have come to you with the top 3 Best Monitor for Xbox One X which has all the features you expect from a monitor. Without getting delayed lets to get started.

Top 3 Best Monitor for Xbox One X:

Best 4K Monitor for Console Gaming
BenQ EW3270U
BenQ EW3270U
  • Multiple ports
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Cheap Gaming Monitor for Xbox One
LG 27UK850-W
LG 27UK850-W
  • Excellent image quality
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Best Gaming Monitor
ViewSonic XG240224
ViewSonic XG240224
  • Excellent Refresh Rate
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Let’s take a deeper look at their specifications so that it would be easier for you to decide which one to buy. Here we go:

1. BenQ EW3270U- Best 4K Monitor for Console Gaming

Best Monitor for Xbox One X

BenQ is well-known for its Gaming Monitor’s which offers the best features when compared to other Brands.

32 inches widescreen monitor that gives a 4K entertainment experience.

This product has a 10-bit Vertical Alignment panel(VA) which offers a maximum resolution of 3840*2160.

It includes 95% of DCI-P3 color gamuts covering 100% of rec.709 giving you a wide range of color options.

16:9 Aspect Ratio and a very deep 3000:1 native contrast ratio which is best for gaming.

BenQ’s exclusive Opt-Clarity with integrated technology improves the contrast, brightness, color temperature for images for eye comfort, and giving the best colors.

AMD free sync technology eliminates choppy screen, tearing, broken frames, choppy gameplay which gives an ultimate gaming experience for the gamer.

BenQ’s Brightness intelligence plus technology adjusts the brightness of the display and maintains the color temperature for comfortable viewing.

And it’s BI plus sensor tech adjusts the image accordingly by detecting ambient lighting and Screen content which reduces fatigue, eye strain, Headaches, etc when you are working for longer hours.

USB type C port single reversible cable helps to connect with multiple HDMI and Display port ports options delivering audio, speed video, and data. The drawback of EW3270U’s USB-C port is it doesn’t deliver power.

For playing Action and Adventure games it has a millisecond gray to gray pixel response time which gives faster responses compared to other monitors.

HDR technology offers enhanced brightness and contrast brings you good detailing of the images and vividness to video content while watching.

And also it offers a wide color range to intensify your video performance.


1.) Multiple connectivity options of HDMI 2.0, USB-C (Only for video content), DP 1.4

2.) HDR Support which increases dynamic range between black and white for clear detailing of images

3.) Intelligent Brightness plus technology adjusts the color temperature, brightness based on the operation performed on the screen

4.) 4K Ultra HD monitor with 3840*2160 pixels of resolution

5.) Low Blue light and flicker-free technology for comfortable viewing

  • Multiple ports
  • Good Contrast
  • The Size of the monitor is great
  • VA panel is not up to the mark

2. LG 27UK850-W- Cheap Gaming Monitor for Xbox One

Best Monitor for Xbox One X

27UK850 Ultra HD monitor has 27 inches screen which comes in the white variant.

The 4k resolution Screen is compatible with In-plane switching technology which improves the limitations of TN panel that includes delivering strong viewing angles and the best color production.

It has provided industry-standard HDR10 adaptability offering a specific range of colors, suitable brightness for the screen.

To view HDR content on windows10 check HDR On/Off settings. If you are not viewing any HDR content manually turn it Off.

The USB type C port allows you to enjoy 4K resolution video display, device charging, and data transfer from one device to another device it may be your laptop or mobile. And it also reduces clutter and increases efficiency in your work.

It has standard color space sRGB which gives ideal color reproduction. So it is best for the people who are designers and photographers it maybe anyone who wants accurate colors on the screen.

The Screen gives a virtually borderless visual experience through its ultra-thin bezel on three sides of the display.

On-Screen control technology helps you to quickly access the important settings on your monitor screen like volume, brightness, picture mode, dual controller, screen split 2.0, etc that can be accessed with just a few clicks.

From AMD free sync technology gamers can enjoy fast-paced games by removing screen tearing and stuttering.

It has Advanced Gaming features like a Black stabilizer which reveals dark scenes and Dynamic Action sync for smooth and fluid gaming.

It has an adjustable stand of height, tilt, and pivot for comfortable viewing.


1.) 24inch screen with 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840*2160)

2.) IPS panel display

3.) HDR10 adaptability

4.) AMD free sync technology

5.) USB-C port

6.) 5MS response time and 60HZ of refresh rate with 1000:1 contrast ratio

  • Works Great with Xbox
  • Excellent image quality
  • Multiple ports
  • Can't control volume using the keyboard buttons

3. ViewSonic XG240224- Best Gaming Monitor

Best Monitor for Xbox One X

XG240224 has a 24inch screen best for E-sport gaming that comes in the black variant.

144HZ of refresh rate delivers awesome graphics, great visuals by reducing motion blur and traces giving smoothest as much as possible.

Quick 1MS response time gives smoother images without any ghosting and blurring problems. It is the best Xbox monitor setup.

It is also featured with five levels of rapid response time they are fast, faster, fastest, Ultrafast, Standard which corrects overshoot and motion blur while playing at high refresh rates.

The 22-level Black Stabilization feature gives you detailed visibility by brightening dark scenes. Using 22-level controls you can use it according to your convenience.

Game mode Hotkey settings deliver the best colors for the specific games you are playing.

ColorX option gives good refresh rates, response time, and ideal color for FPS games.

The monitor is VESA compatible means we can attach the screen easily to the wall.

AMD freesync maintains the frame rate between the graphics card and monitor. This even eliminates image tearing and stuttering for smooth gameplay.

We can use AMD free sync technology using a Display port 1.2a connectivity port.

It has a low input lag that processes the command from the keyboard and mouse as fast as possible which is best for action and battlefield games.

An inbuilt process reducer helps you respond as fast as possible by reducing the delay between inputs.


1.) Full HD of 1080 pixels responsive display with ultrafast 1MS response time

2.) AMD free sync technology for smooth gameplay

3.) 144HZ of refresh rate

4.) Adjustable Ergonomic stand for comfortable viewing

5.) HDMI 1.4, USB, and Display port connectivity inputs

6.) Pre-set customizable visual mode

  • Excellent Refresh Rate
  • Image quality
  • OnScreen menu
  • Speakers are not good

How To Play Xbox One Games On Your Windows10 PC

Most of the games of Xbox One are available on the Microsoft store that means if you purchased a game for example Gears of war which has been released both for Windows 10 and Xbox one you can play it in windows without synchronizing both Windows and Xbox.

But most of the games are not available for windows you need to connect both of them to stream on your windows.

first of all, check your Hardware whether it meets the requirements of Xbox or not.

Windows10 already has a built-in feature to play the Xbox console to your PC. We can do these using Xbox Console Comparision App.

Try to check both the Xbox console and windows10 are updated.

To check the update on windows type “Updates” on the taskbar and go to check for updates and update it.

To manually check updates on your Xbox do the following steps.

1.) On the controller press the Xbox Button

2.) Go to the profile and system tab on your dashboard and from the appeared list select settings

3.) After that select system on left

4.) Then select the updates and downloads

After updating both of them you can enable the game playing option from the console.

Apply the above steps as mentioned but in the 4th step select the Devices and streaming option on the left side of the screen.

After that select Console Streaming and then select the box next to Enable Console streaming.

There are two types of joystick one with Bluetooth and the other is without Bluetooth.

To connect the controller without Bluetooth we need a male to male cable.

To connect windows10 to your Xbox install the Xbox Console Comparision app from the Microsoft website.

To stream on windows10 we need to have the following system requirements.

1.) Dual-Core 1.5GHz or more

2.) 4GB or more than that

3.) Wired Network or latest

After signing into your Microsoft account go to the connection list and add a device.

The app will search for an Xbox console, if the network is displayed click on it and connect it to the device.

Try to connect with your consoles IP address if it doesn’t appear on the screen. Move on by clicking the next button.

After two devices are paired select the stream button and you can also test the streaming to see if there are any issues before playing the game.

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