3 Best Computer Monitors For Business- That Will Increase Your Productivity

best computer monitors for business

Buying a Monitor for Business is a one-time investment where we want to buy the product with the best features that make our work easy.

As a businessman, you expect to have more On screen space to analyze the project. And the screen needs to occupy less space so that you can keep your files on your desk.

For the people who are working in the creative industry like Designing and Photography, their primary requirement is to have a good amount of brightness, contrast ratio, and accurate color precision.

If the monitor is ultrawide with an aspect ratio of 21:9 it drastically increases your productivity.

By considering the requirements of a Self-employed person we have come to you with the Top 3 Best Computer Monitors for Business that best suits your taste.

Stick with us to find out and at last, I will give you a Bonus tip of  What features you have to look for in a monitor that simplifies your work (for business).

3 Best Computer Monitors For Business:

Best Monitor for Reading Documents
Dell U3818DW
Dell U3818DW
  • Picture Quality is Excellent
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Best Computer Monitor for Work
LG 34GN850
LG 34GN850
  • 144HZ refresh rate
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27Inch Monitor for Office Work
  • Good color and Accuracy
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Let’s take a deeper look at their specifications so that it would be easier for you to decide which one to buy. Here we go:

1. Dell U3818DW- Best Monitor for Reading Documents

best computer monitors for business

Dell U-Series 4K Ultra HD wide monitor has 38 inches of screen with LCD technology.

This dell monitors have a virtually borderless design that will help you to focus on the screen without moving your eyes around the monitor which increases your workflow and productivity with zero distraction.

This product is TUV-certified included with flicker-free technology reduces the flickering of the screen for comfortable viewing.

The ComfortView feature eliminates the harmful Bluelight emitted by the screen to protect your eyes and reduce eye fatigue.

In-Plane-Switching technology provides you high viewing angles with consistent colors and high-level brightness.

Wide QHD of 3840*1600pixels of resolution gives you outstanding clarity and detailing of the picture. It is one of the best computer monitors for business.

The makers of this product promising that the 21:9 Aspect Ratio delivers 25% more screen space more than a regular monitor best for those who do data analysis and work with spreadsheets without any requirement of a dual monitor setup.

Due to its Curved Screen, it is capable of giving you a panoramic view with an exceptional viewing experience.

It is integrated with 9W power of speakers on both sides which brings you high-quality sound without any noises.

To work more efficiently the screen is embedded with new features and tools that help you to do multitasking easily like a master.

The monitor has HDMI, Display port input, USB type C, Audio line, USB upstream and USB downstream ports are available in it which makes it easy for you to set up the PC.

The following are the cables which are included in the package.

1.) An HDMI Cable

2.) A Power Cable

3.) Display port to Display port Cable

4.) USB-C Cable

5.) USB 3.0 upstream cable

Features of the product:

1.) This monitor offers you incredible visuals with a WQHD+ curved 38 inches screen

2.) The Monitor can connect up to six devices which are compatible with RF  or Bluetooth 4.0

3.) It is compatible with all operating systems

4.) Using Dell easy arrange feature you can adjust your projects on the screen space

5.) With a single KVM (Keyboard, video, mouse) feature you can edit and display the content from two different PC’s

6.) USB type C port connectivity transfers power, audio, and video signals over a single cable between a PC and a monitor

  • Picture Quality is Excellent
  • Amazing Size
  • Good Pixel Density
  • The panel of this monitor has some issues with Ghosting and Banding due to 8 bit and FRC

2. LG 34GN850- Best Computer Monitor for Work

best computer monitors for business

The LG 34GN850 UltraGear monitor has 34inches of widescreen which comes in the black variant.

The monitor is made up of the latest Hardware and Specifications with sleek design & ergonomics which has NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility.

It has 1MS Gray to Gray response time which produces faster responses while working with the projects.

144HZ of Refresh rate and Premium Radeon FreeSync technology virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering giving you the high-resolution, fluid movement of the frames.

Dynamic Action Sync minimizes the input lag which maintains our sense with real-time scenes running on the monitor.

Black Stabilizer helps you to see the darker details on the screen clearly by increasing the brightness in that particular area. It is very helpful for people who are designers.

The Screen has a Bezel-less virtually borderless design on three sides which keeps your focus on the task. This can be the best monitor for developers.

Nano IPS technology absorbs the excess light wavelength and gives you accurate On-screen colors.

The other things we need to know about the monitor are it has a viewing angle of 178 degrees(R/L), 178degrees(U/D) with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 typical and 700:1 minimum. Besides, it has given Anti Glare, 3H Surface treatment.

When we talk about connectivity it is embedded with two HDMI, one Display port, USB Upstream 3.0, USB Downstream 3.0, and a Headphone jack.

HDMI gives you a 3440*1440 10bit pixel resolution at 85HZ of refresh rate.

Features of the product:

1.) 34inches screen with ultrawide QHD 3440*1440 pixels of resolution

2.) Nano IPS panel technology

3.) NVIDIA G-Sync Adaptability

4.) DCI-P3 98 percent color Gamut

5.) HDR 400

6.) VESA Display

7.) Tilt/Height adjustable stand

8.) 1MS response time and 144HZ refresh rate

  • 144HZ refresh rate
  • HDR 400 certified
  • IPS panel with 1MS of response time
  • No Swivel adjustable option

3. Asus VG27AQ TUF- 27Inch Monitor for Office Work

best computer monitors for business

Asus Wide VG27AQ QHD monitor has 27inches of screen with 2560*1440 pixels of resolution.

The monitor provides up to 77 percent more Onscreen space than the other Full HD monitors.

In-Plane-Switching technology delivers excellent images and its 99% sRGB color gamut, 1000:1 contrast ratio gives you brilliant colors for a soothing viewing experience.

178 degrees viewing angles make sure to give you minimum screen deformation and color shift while viewing from high positions.

165HZ of refresh rate helps you react instantly, reduces input lag and motion blur delivering fast responses from the user, and gives excellent clarity when the objects on the screen are in rapid movement.

Extreme Low Blur Sync and G-Sync are compatible to enable at the same time for removing screen tearing and ghosting giving you higher frame rates when working with high-end projects.

It is one of the best budget monitors and the best computer monitors for work.

Now the user has the freedom to adjust the modes of multiple HDR performances according to your requirement or the task which you are performing On screen.

The monitor is adaptable with industry-standard HDR10 for brilliant colors and brightness levels.

Asus Shadow Boost gives you visible brightness on the dark sides of the screen without overexposing it.

It has multiple connectivity options that include I/O: HDMI 2.0, Display port 1.2 that supports a wide array of multimedia devices.

Features of the product:

1.) 27inches screen WQHD 2560*1440 pixels resolution monitor

2.) G-Sync compatible

3.) IPS panel technology

4.) Asus Extreme Low Low Blur Sync technology

5.) Asus Eye care technology for reducing eye fatigue

6.) Industry Standard HDR10 compatible

7.) Display Port and Dual HDMI connectivity options

8.) 1MS response time along with 144HZ of refresh rate

  • Good color and Accuracy
  • Panel is Great
  • Extreme Low Blur Feature is amazing
  • Too many overshooting in overdrive 100

What features you should look for in a monitor? (Best Computer Monitors For Business)

First of all, if you work with multiple windows on a single screen go with an Ultrawide monitor around 30 inches of the screen because it gives you more space to work on more than one window.

And be ready to invest more money on the resolution panels and high-end features like picture in picture mode and height-adjustable options.

Mainly in the market, three types of panels are available TN(Twisted Nematic), IPS(In-plane switching ), VA(Vertical Alignment).

In an IPS panel, you get good color accuracy, high viewing angles, Better Grey to Grey performance.

VA Panel delivers an excellent contrast ratio and TN provides higher refresh rates, low response time, and minimum input lag.

Nowadays most of the monitors come with IPS panel technology and most of the companies use it. So according to the work you do choose that panel technology which makes your work easy.

For the basic office, use go with 1080Pixels resolution of 27inches screen. The persons who work with spreadsheets and designing stuff Ultra QHD monitor with 2560*1440 pixel resolution.

Multi-taskers can choose more than that if they want. 4K resolution screens are best for graphic designers and photographers which increases their work productivity.

Another thing you have to consider is it should have a low Blue light technology because we spend most of our time in front of the screen which leads to eye fatigue and other eye-related problems.

The last thing to make sure to check the monitor has VESA compatibility and backlighting.

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