3 Best Computer Monitor Brand : Chosen wisely

best computer monitor brand

Nowadays there are lots of monitor brands available in the market. Some brand says they are the best in gaming and some brand says they are the best in productivity and so on. So in order to choose the best performing monitors, there is a lot of confusion.

In this mess, people get confused about which brand they should buy. According to a survey conducted by Global wire, more than 40 companies are in the race to conquer the electronic industry.

So the question is, which brand is best for what?? So in this one, we have selected three brands and analyzed what are they best for. Basically in this article, we mainly focus on three points:

1) What is it’s pricing 

2) What are its technical Specifications

3)Whom does it suit best? 

1) HP

best computer monitor brand

In our first list, we have HP monitors. When we go through the history of the company, it was started by Bill Hewlett and David Packard and is named after them as Hewlett Packard shortly called HP.

They started this company in the garage, Palo Alto California in 1939. They have got their first big project for Walt Disney Studios animated movie Fantasia.

They have expanded their businesses in the Electronics, Health, and Education sector. 

HP is known for its performance and versatility, it makes the best computer monitors for work, and for home.


We all know that HP is well known for its cheap price computer monitors. Its monitors’ price ranges approximately from $66- $700, according to their specs and transport cost.

It best suits those who don’t have more budget to invest in monitors.

Technical Specifications:

When we talk about technical specifications, most of the HP monitors have approximately 20 to 27 inches of Screen size with Anti-glare technology.

They have LCD full HD Display with resolution 1920*1080P, according to this, pricing may increase or decrease.

The other features are it has around 16.7 million color support which comes with low blue light technology which protects our eyes from the radiation of the monitor.

And also it has a Refresh rate around 60HZ and Response time of 5MS which is decent and best for office work and normal use at home.

When it comes to connectivity most of the monitors have HDMI and VGA connectivity options. One of the best parts of these HP monitors is, they come with In-plane switching technology which makes the screen more diligent.

They have a brightness of around 250 nits. When we talk about compatibility, it suits Windows and mac operating systems.

In HP one of the Best monitors which are liked by most of the people in HP VH240A because of its port connectivity and Office use. 

Whom does it suit best?

Now the main question is who does it suit best? HP monitors are made for general use and are the best computer monitors for work.

I’m not saying that there are no gaming monitors available in HP. They are available but they are not up to the mark. If you are a person who wants a monitor for only office work and general editing purposes then the HP monitors best suits you and the best part is they provide some of the best budget monitors.

2) BenQ


best computer monitor brandBenQ is one of the best computer monitor brands, best known for its smart brightness and 4K monitors.

BenQ is a multinational company located in Taiwan that sells electronic products founded in 1984.

BenQ’s full form is Bringing enjoyment and quality to life. This company also manufactures Android Smartphones targeting Asian markets.


The pricing of BenQ monitors starts from $95- $1400 and the specifications vary from price to price.

Technical Specifications:

BenQ monitors have Screen size approximately from 21 inches to 32 inches with Smart brightness technology which adjusts brightness according to the software you use.

And also it has flicker-free technology which reduces the chances to flicker. The Screen helps the students and working professionals for comfortable viewing and reduces eye fatigue.

Its low blue light feature rescues our eyes from harmful radiation emitted from the Screen. However, it’s 4K resolution Screens make the Display a more clear and vivid viewing experience and these types of Screens are the best for those who are professional gamers. 

When we talk about connectivity, most of its monitors have HDMI and VGA connectivity with a Display port. And it has a refresh rate of approximately around 60HZ for normal monitors and 144HZ for gaming monitors which is a good refresh rate.

It has full HD and ultra HD Display monitors with IPS technology.

Whom does it suit best?

When it comes to suitability in my perspective these kinds of monitors are best for both who are developers, designers, and gamers too.

When we talk about gamers they need to have a high refresh rate and low response time with high resolution, these monitors satisfy both requirements that’s why it’s best for gamers.

For developers and designers, they need work with large screens, and with good contrast ratio, Resolution, it satisfies their requirements too. 

3) Dell

best computer monitor brand

Dell is a multinational company Headquarters in America Specialized in computer technology that sells and develops hardware and software services.

It is one of the most loved brands of this time. 

They manufacture products that are affordable and are of the best quality. 


When we talk about the Pricing of dell monitors, it starts approximately at $65- $800. Specifications vary according to the price.

Technical Specifications:

Most of the Dell monitors have LED Display of Screen size 19 inches to 37 inches with in-plane switching panel technology.

Like HP monitors most of the Dell monitors have full HD and Ultra HD monitors with the resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. 

These Dell monitors have an Aspect ratio of 16:9 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It has a Response time approximately 5MS to 8MS and brightness around 250 to 300 nits.

Its Refresh rate is around 60HZ to 76HZ. Its flicker-free technology enhances the user experience.

When it comes to connectivity most of the Dell monitors have connectivity options for HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports.

Whom does it suit best?

By observing all specifications and prices we can conclude that these monitors are the best computer monitors for work because it satisfies all the requirements of a professional.

It has an IPS panel which reduces strain on eyes and it has a Screen inch suitable for them. 

Before buying any monitor make sure to plan your budget according to your requirements and let us know which monitor you are buying.