7 Best Cheap Ultrawide Monitor - Get Wide Screens Within Your Budget

best cheap ultrawide monitor

There is a saying that “A penny saved is a penny earned” means saving money is earning money. The money works as a fuel for us that helps to lead our life luxuriously.

Do you know on average each American spends around $164 daily? In this era of technology everything is done on a computer, So to make your work easy we come with the Best Cheap Ultrawide Monitor that best suits you.

In this one, we have covered everyone’s needs it may be a Gamer or working professional. Without wasting your valuable time lets dive into it.

7 Best Cheap Ultrawide Monitor

Best cheap ultrawide monitor under 200$
LG 29WN600
LG 29WN600

Screen Size : 29 inches

Refresh Rate : 75 Hz

Response Time : 5 ms

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Best budget ultrawide curved monitor
Sceptre C305B-200UN
Sceptre C305B-200UN

Screen Size : 30 inches

Refresh Rate : 200 Hz

Response Time : 5 ms

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Best for Gaming
Sceptre C355W-3440UN
Sceptre C355W-3440UN

Screen Size : 35 inches

Refresh Rate : 100 Hz

Response Time : 4 ms

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Best for Office Use
LG 29WK600-W
LG 29WK600-W

Screen Size : 29 inches

Refresh Rate : 75 Hz

Response Time : 5 ms

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Best for Designing and photography
Sceptre C305W-2560UN
Sceptre C305W-2560UN

Screen Size : 30 inches

Refresh Rate : 85 Hz

Response Time : 1 ms

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Best for normal use and office work
Philips 346B1C
Philips 346B1C

Screen Size : 34 inches

Refresh Rate : 100 Hz

Response Time : 5 ms

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Best budget Ultrawide monitor 2020
LG 34WN650
LG 34WN650

Screen Size : 34 inches

Refresh Rate : 75 Hz

Response Time : 5 ms

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Let’s take a deeper look at their specifications so that it would be easier for you to decide which one to buy. Here we go:

1. LG 29WN600- Best cheap ultrawide monitor under 200$

best cheap ultrawide monitor

In our first list, we have LG 29WN600 which has an Ultrawide Full HD display that comes with 29 inches screen.

The product comes with a 21:9 Aspect Ratio Ultrawide monitor that offers 33% more screen space.

That helps you to work on spreadsheets with detailed viewing and also makes it easy for you to manage large materials, video conversations, etc.

It is helpful for the teachers and lecturers who are taking online classes due to this Covid-19.

You can easily work on reports, browsers, and datasheets by placing them side by side on the screen.

The streamlined display of the screen gives you slim bezel on three sides of the monitor that delivers smoother pictures, richer sounds, cinematic experience.

MAXX AUDIO brings you in stereo that has two channels at 7W each side giving you unconditional gaming experience with rich sounds.

HDR 10 comes with sRGB 99% color Gamut enhances your picture quality for dynamic visuals and rich colors that do not tease your eyes helpful for photographers, editors, designers, etc.

The in-plane switching technology improves wide viewing angles removing the screen issues giving you realistic visuals and colors.

On-screen control technology helps you to customize your work by adjusting brightness or splitting screen etc just in a few clicks.

It has AMD Screen technology that ends choppy screens, stuttering, broken frames, etc for free and higher-end performance without any disturbance.

For real-time environment gameplay and pro-level gaming experience, it has Dynamic Action Sync that minimizes the input lag.

The monitor has Ergonomic Design with 3 sided virtually borderless design with adjustable ergonomics.

Key Features/Technical Specs

1.) It has Radeon free sync technology that gives ultimate performance

2.) HDR10 compatible giving you rich colors

3.) 2560*1080pixels  Full HD display

4.) On-screen control technology

5.) The screen has a connectivity option of 2*HDMI and DP of ver 1.2 with HDR support

  • Ideal for office use
  • More space for work
  • Color accuracy is good
  • Adjustment options are not up to the mark
  • Speakers need to be better

2. Sceptre C305B-200UN - Best budget ultrawide curved monitor

best cheap ultrawide monitor

Sceptre (C305B-200UN) is a curved Gaming Monitor LED display technology of a 30-inch screen with an Ultrawide Full HD resolution of 1080 pixels. It has a Metal Black color.

Let us talk about the look of the monitor, it comes with a 21:9 Aspect Ratio that gives wide space for work on the screen.

The FPS and RTS Built-In feature gives you custom set display settings that enhance your gaming experience.

AMD FreeSync technology is helpful for fast-paced games by giving you a smoother game, fast pace movements, eliminates Screen tearing and stuttering that occurs due to differences in Refresh rate and Graphic card’s frame rate.

For playing Action games and working a big software we need faster response time.

It has 5MS of quick response time that removes the screen problems like Ghosting, Blurring giving you higher clarity and precision. Its 200HZ of refresh rate leaves blurred images gives you edge invisibility.

Blue light filter technology reduces Blue light emitted from the monitors protecting you from eye fatigue, eye irritation, etc. Which is benefited for the people who work for longer hours duration.

The Built-in speakers of the monitor deliver office-level audio which is helpful for conference calls, workshops, etc. The Sceptre’s unique design of the back cover illuminates light for a brighter look of the screen.

When we talk about connectivity it has an HDMI port that delivers 165HZ of refresh rate and a Display port that increases the refresh rate up to 200HZ.

Picture in picture mode gives the user to split their screen into two making it easy to do multi-tasking and increases your workflow within your budget.

To determine the difference between red, green, blue color and to give you top-notch brightness it has 90% sRGB for clear display of color in every frame.

Key Features/Technical specs

1.) Full HD display resolution of 2560*1080 pixels with 5MS of fast response time

2.) HDMI ver 2.0 port gives 120HZ of refresh rate and Display Port offers 200HZ of refresh rate

3.) Scepters Built-in custom set display settings FPS and RTS gives improved gaming experience

4.) AMD free sync technology removes tearing and stuttering for smoother video

5.) Anti-flicker technology that reduces flickering of the screen

6.) Using VESA mountable feature (75*75mm) you can mount your screen to the wall easily

  • Free sync
  • Color Gamut
  • Two window option
  • Sound of the speakers

3. Sceptre C355W-3440UN- Best for gaming

best cheap ultrawide monitor

Sceptre(C355W-3440UN) is 35 inches screen Gaming Monitor with a QHD display that has a frameless design that comes with a Machine Black color variant.

It has a 1800R degree curved design that gives you the best visual experience no matter where you sit in your room.

As similar to the above Sceptre monitor it has a 21:9 Aspect Ratio that makes your work easy without any undivided attention out of the screen.

As we know AMD free sync technology gives you smoother visuals by adjusting the graphic cards frame rate and refresh rate.

The HDMI1 and Display port each gives 100HZ of refresh rate which is a decent one and additionally it has 2 HDMI ports that can give up to 60HZ. We can connect audio devices using Audio out.

The other features it has are Sceptres custom set display settings FPS and RTS, Anti-flicker technology which removes flickering of the screen, Fast response time for faster action games.

It has adjustment options of tilt 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward for comfortable viewing. The screen has a VESA mountable facility.

Key Features/Technical specs

1.) It has an Aspect Ratio of 21:9 with a screen resolution of 3440*1440 pixels

2.) 100HZ of Refresh Rate that gives rapid image movement, reduces screen tearing

3.) It gives 4MS of fast response time by removing ghosting and blurring problems

4.) AMD free sync technology delivers smoother videos with spot movement

5.) Sceptres Built-in FPS and RPS display settings for enhanced gaming

6.) Blue light shift mode that eliminates blue light radiation emitted from the screen

7.) It has HDMI1 and Displays multiple port options

  • Vivid colors
  • Easy to Set-up
  • Low input lag
  • No vertical adjustment

4. LG 29WK600-W- Best for office use

best cheap ultrawide monitor

LG 29WK600-W comes with 29 inches ultra-widescreen with  LED display technology which comes in the Black variant. The display is designed to the slim bezel on three sides while 7W stereo speakers with MaxxAudio give office-level audio.

This product is designed for the people who want the monitor for office work and normal use. To increase your workflow it has a 21:9 Aspect ratio with ultra-wide full HD resolution of 2560*1080 pixels offering you 33% more screen space.

With a screen split facility, you can easily work with reports and data sheets side by side without using Alt-Tab.

This monitor is compatible with industry-standard HDR10 (High Dynamic Range) that supports specific levels of brightness and color.

In-plane switching technology boasts 99% sRGB color spectrum coverage and also it delivers a wider viewing angle, maintains color accuracy.

You can use On-Screen control to customize your workspace by splitting the display and you can adjust basic monitor options.

AMD free sync technology eliminates screen tearing and stuttering which is useful for fast-paced games and smoother video experience. Dynamic Action Sync reduces input lag giving you real-time movements.

The black stabilizer improves the brightness in the dark areas on the screen useful for the games like God Of War.  Crosshair fixes the target point in the center to improve your shooting accuracy.

It has connectivity options of Display port and HDMI delivers 50-60HZ of refresh rate.

Key Features/Technical specs

1.) The Monitor has HDR10 compatibility

2.) AMD FreeSync

3.) sRGB 99% color Gamut

4.) VESA mountable (100*100mm)

5.) On-screen control

6.) Black Stabilizer

  • Split Screen
  • Great colors
  • Has good HDR effect
  • No USB port

5. Sceptre C305W-2560UN- Best for Designing and photography

best cheap ultrawide monitor

Sceptre (C305W-2560UN) is the best Ultrawide monitor and slim curved monitor of screen inch 30 with an edgeless design which comes in Machine Black variant.

This one is made for the people who are working in a creative field like Designing, Photography, etc.

It has an Aspect Ratio of 21:9 which is best for gaming because of its broader field of view most of the people use it for competitive gaming. The Monitor with edgeless design offers 1080 pixels and 85HZ of refresh rate.

The Built-in speakers of the screen offer office-level audio suits for internet workshops, conference calls, watching youtube, etc.

For reducing the problems of ghosting and blurring it has a response time of 1MS for playing fast action games and accurate pixel response where you can enjoy clarity and precision.

When it comes to connectivity there are two HDMI and one Display ports providing you up to 85HZ of refresh rate for action-packed gaming series.

Users can enjoy the comfortable viewing through viewing angles 178 degrees Horizontal/178 degrees vertical, tilt 10 degrees backward / 3 degree forward brings you clarity and comfort.

Blue light shift mode enables you to work freely with worksheets, documents, etc by reducing the blue light emitted from the screen which protects us from eye fatigue and irritation.

The Back of the monitor illuminates LED light for a unique design.

Key Features/Technical specs

1.) 1MS response time and up to 80-85HZ of refresh rate

2.) In-Built FPS and RPS custom set display settings

3.) Has VESA mountable facility

4.) Blue light shift mode for comfortable viewing

5.) AdaptiveSync technology

  • Best for office use
  • Response time is good
  • Well designed
  • Speakers are bad
  • Worst Stand

6. Philips 346B1C- Best for normal use and office work

best cheap ultrawide monitor

Philips 346B1C is a 34 screen inch QHD UltraWide curved monitor with a built-in  KVM switch which has 1440 pixels of resolution.

The Philips B line curved monitor has ergonomic design sand for a good working environment with all in one USB type C port.

This product is capable of delivering Quad high definition 3440*1440 pixels of pictures which has 178/178 degree wide viewing angles.

21:9 Aspect Ratio provides you more space on the screen enabling more productivity while side by side working with spreadsheets or any else files.

USB-C enables you to transfer data at super speed, watch high-resolution videos or movies, etc for multiple purposes.

By using the MultiClient integrated switch KVM we can maintain two separate PC’s over one keyboard, mouse, a monitor set up. A button will help you to quickly switch between them.

The inbuilt power sensor will reduce our power consumption by transmitting and receiving harmless infrared signals to know the presence of the user in front of the monitor.

In the absence of a user, it automatically reduces the brightness of the monitor for saving power.

SmartErgoBase design on the bottom of the monitor stand gives a comfortable display providing you cable management system which reduces the cable clutter.

It has tilt, swivel, height angle adjustment positions for longer work hours.

LowBlue mode reduces the ultraviolet rays emitted from the screen causing eye damage, eye fatigue developed for user’s wellness.

Key Features/Technical specs

1.) Built-in KVM switch for using the dual-screen with single mouse and keyboard

2.) PowerSensor for reducing consumption of power

3.) Inbuilt USB type C, Display 1, 2 HDMI 2.0 connectivity ports

4.) VA display panel delivers 119% sRGB color display and 100% NTSC

5.) Low blue light technology

6.) Adaptive sync capable of giving 3440*1440 pixels resolution

  • Picture Quality
  • Brightness
  • Sturdy metal base
  • Don't have VESA compatibility

7. LG 34WN650- Best budget Ultrawide monitor 2020

best cheap ultrawide monitor

LG WN650 is a 34 inches screen ultrawide full HD monitor with VESA mountable facility made with silver coating.

The 21:9 Aspect Ratio gives you 33% more screen space to enjoy full HD resolution without any disturbances.

We can use side by side viewing feature to work with reports, datasheets, browsers, etc at the same time on the screen.

HDR400 delivers you 400nits of peak brightness which improves the dynamic range of the monitor.

In-plane switching technology with sRGB 99% gives you precise color performance and IPS panel gives wide viewing angles, accurate colors.

MAXX AUDIO offers stereo sound on both sides at 7W each.

ON Screen control technology helps you to adjust basic monitor options and splitting the screen display on a few clicks of the monitor.

Flicker-free technology reduces the flickering of the screen and the Reader Mode of the screen makes it easy to read by reducing blue light.

AMD free sync technology eliminates the choppy and broken frames with an artifact-free performance at any frame rate.

Dynamic Action sync brings you real-time gaming for an extreme level gaming experience with minimal input lag and responds rapidly to action.

Black Stabilizer elevates the brightness on the dark side of the game for enhanced vision while playing. For shooting accuracy, it has a Crosshair option which fixes the center of the target point.

Key Features/Technical specs

1.) sRGB 99% Color Gamut

2.) Screen split and On screen controls

3.) VESA mountable

4.) AMD free sync technology

5.) Tilt/Height adjustable option

  • Display Quality
  • Easy to install
  • Split-screen function
  • Not good for gaming

The best thing about the above monitors is easy to set up, has good refresh rates, Affordable, gives a high contrast ratio, etc. From the above, I personally like the features of LG monitors.

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